Energy Psychology

An Introduction to Energy Medicine for the Emotional Body

With the current increase of interest in what has come to be called “energy medicine”, several different approaches for working energetically on an emotional level are also becoming better known. Some of these techniques are extremely effective and are beginning to receive the attention they deserve by the professional research community. Many of them are straight-forward enough that they can be used as first-aid or by lay people with their families and friends. As with physical first-aid, these approaches do not replace the more sophisticated care available from a trained therapist but are adequate for many of the emotional cuts and bruises we receive on a daily basis.
One group of techniques that is particularly noteworthy in this regard could be called “psychological acupressure”. Although there are many different styles of this work, they all combine the insights of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with those of Applied Kinesiology. For thousands of years, practitioners of TCM have known that the body’s energy or “chi” travels on a system of meridians. Imbalances of chi can lead to disease but these imbalances can often be treated through acupuncture points on the meridian system.
The other source of these techniques, Applied Kinesiology (AK), was originally developed by chiropractor George Goodheart over twenty years ago. Through his research, he found that imbalances in the organs, muscles, nutrition and energy field could be diagnosed through a system of testing specific muscles for relative strength and weakness. In addition, he developed protocols for treating these imbalances, using simple manipulations of the muscles, the vascular and lymphatic systems and the energy system through the acupuncture points. Many people have built on his seminal work, using muscle testing as a diagnostic tool for all kinds of things. As with any exciting new approach there have been those who have misused and thus discredited the tool, but the fundamental diagnostic system, if properly applied, continues to be effective.
Because AK is so simple, and the range of ailments it can be used to diagnose and treat is so vast, it seems too good to be true. Many readers may have experienced a form of muscle testing in some context. In any case, several styles for working on an emotional level with this technology have been developed. These include systems such as Touch for Health, One Brain and N.E.T. These systems involve muscle testing around specific issues and correcting any imbalances found. Working with these techniques simply requires finding a properly trained practitioner. Effective use of these techniques produces immediate relief of the problem.
There are also several approaches which have eliminated much of the muscle testing component of the treatment. These include Thought Field Therapy (TFT),Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Tapas’ Acupressure Technique (TAT) (often used for the relief of allergies as well). This makes the whole treatment faster and easier. Muscle testing assures that treatment is applied to the specific acupuncture meridians which are out of balance, whereas these techniques can be used in a more general way. None of these treatments creates imbalance, so there is no loss to being more general. In many cases the treatment takes only minutes.
The basic theory behind all these approaches is that emotional issues have an energy component in the acupuncture meridians. In fact, the energetic component is the foundation of the problem. If the energetic imbalance is corrected in the meridians, the emotional issue dissolves. A phobia of spiders is replaced with a rational respect, paralyzing grief over the end of a relationship is replaced by accepting reality.
By removing the excess emotional charge, we become able to process the information content of whatever was troubling us and make a rational decision about what to do. In traditional therapy, people often gain a more balanced view of their troubles, but still retain a certain amount of distress. This can interfere with the process of forgiving and releasing the past to truly move on. Energy Psychology techniques allow you to fully release the distress and feel better fast.
These techniques can quickly balance excess emotional charge and free up our potential, but in many cases this is only part of the problem. Good therapy of any style helps a person release emotional blocks and learn more effective ways of living. Emotional acupressure can greatly accelerate the first part, but other approaches are necessary for learning new patterns. As an example, these techniques will rid you of a phobia of water, but you will still need to learn how to swim! In some situations, of course, simply releasing the blocks is all that is required.
Emotional acupressure has helped thousands of people rapidly eliminate negative emotions and free themselves up. It has proven effective on issues as varied as phobia, addictions and grief as well as helping relieve many physical complaints. As these techniques gain legitimacy through public and research recognition, thousands more will be helped. We can look forward to the day when these energy medicine first aid techniques are as accepted as CPR.
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