Transform Into Your Best Self!


Outside your life is working pretty well…



Still inside you’re often in emotional pain. Surely life and relationships can be more fulfilling!  You’re afraid you’re missing something.

You’ve tasted joy –  yet your habitual internal dialog and ways of being disconnect you from the flow of your vitality. How to get unstuck?

Everyone needs empathic guidance from time to time; choose someone you can trust, with 30 years experience.

  • 3 Step Process:                                                                 1) We talk deeply about your life and prioritize your focus.    2) Co-create tools and processes to change in that area.   3) Refine and individualize the process as I support you in systematically applying the tools.


Call today, don’t endure unnecessary personal suffering. So often I hear, “Gosh, I wish I had met you when I was 20, my whole life would have been so much better.”

Take this opportunity to create your more fulfilling life –  contact me today to start the process. Or text me now at (541) 821-6623!

Read more about my services:

I like people and delight in helping my clients have more joyful lives. This is my way of making the world a kinder, more loving place.

I offer my services from two primary professional stances:

Trainer, Psychotherapist and Life Coach
T’ai Chi, Qigong and MIndfulness Instructor.

Lasting personal change requires changes in your body as well – this is not your ordinary talk therapy and is not for everyone.

Based on a foundation of feeling respected and understood, we’ll choose the tools and approaches that are best for you. Energy psychology, NLP, Hakomi and Somatics can help you make rapid changes. My goal is help you feel better fast while building your self-understanding and skills.  I may recommend that you incorporate a body oriented study and meditation into your lifestyle.  Lasting personal growth does require your persistent, deliberate effort. If you would like to join the many people I’ve worked with who are feeling better, contact me today!
I work with adults and couples.  With women who want to become more empowered and free, and heal their relationship with the Masculine.  With men who want to increase their emotional skills and manage themselves more effectively.  With couples who are not satisfied with an average relationship. I offer you concrete tools and cutting edge approaches within a timeless context of care and attention.
You may be looking for help around emotions and moods, a difficult history, troubling behaviors, life choices, or relationships – I offer you a compassionate place to explore the details of your challenges and the tools for changing and managing them.

This website has resources that can help you with these issues and more!

My mission is to help you develop skills for change and to accept yourself and life fully. Doing this work is my way of making the world a kinder, more loving place. I like people and delight in helping my clients have more joyful lives.

My individual clients want to become more courageous, free, engaged and joyous. They want to work through their issues to become more alive and in the moment. By becoming better people, they know they can contribute more to those they love and the world.
The couples I work with want to have more harmonious relationships where they support one another in becoming ever more their true selves.  They want to reduce the pain of arguments and resolve conflicts in a way that deepens their mutual understanding and care.  They also want to have more fun together!

Check out the free articles and downloads on this site. And my youtube videos or blog posts. When you’re ready to go further, contact meCall me today at (541) 821-6623!

Wishing you a vibrant and joyous life!

We meet online or in rural Talent.  If the weather is good , we can meet outdoors.  Most insurance treats me as out of network. Online therapy, coaching and classes are very effective, please consider making use of these modalities!

Classes meet at my Zoom room:

Qigong: Tuesday 9-10 AM PT

First class free.  $15 drop in.  Please email me to check the schedule.