Co-Creating Love: Online class on relationships


Co-Creating Love: Wonderful relationships are created through specific
consistent behavior.  There are things that you can do – and not do – that will predictably make your relationships stronger and filled with trust, honesty, and enduring love.
Why online? I teach these classes on the Zoom platform.  It allows you to see live video of me and other participants.  We can all hear one another and it is also possible to break the class into smaller groups to do live exercises with one another.  You can also keep your sound and video feed off when you prefer.  This format allows me to present material, have a group discussion about it, and then have you break into groups to do exercises based upon the material.  It is almost as good as being in the same room, but we can be in our own homes across the planet!

I spend about ¼ of the time presenting material.  The rest of the meeting is in discussion and in break out groups doing experiential exercises.

Class is for individuals, couples or groups.

Logistics: Four meetings of two hours each, $100 single and $170 per couple.  It is best if each participant uses their own device (smart phone or computer).

Session 1: Why do we trigger each other? Attachment and Subpersonalities  

Session 2: Augmenting the good: love languages and great sex

Session 3: Reducing the bad: Compassionate Communication, a regular division of labor, an effective conflict resolution strategy, and fun ways to initiate intimacy and sex.

Session 4: Hearing across the divide: women and men have different experiences.  Respect and compassion, honoring and appreciating the differences.


Ready to join us?  Give me a call, text or email and let’s talk about it!