The Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

EFT is a universal healing aid that is in use worldwide by those in the helping professions. The pioneering theory upon which this method is based is that emotional upsets are the result of an imbalance in the body’s energy system. In essence, EFT is a psychological version of acupressure except that we balance the body’s energy system by tapping with our fingertips on selected points along the energy meridians.

These techniques are gentle, rapid and startlingly effective. New or old emotional upsets can often be released in less than half an hour! Similarly, life long phobias, compulsive behaviors and unhealthy habits and beliefs can be dispelled. These techniques have a success rate of about 90%.

Sound too good to be true? It did to me, too, until I experienced profound results personally and with others. The actual process is simple and easy: thinking and feeling about a problem topic and then tapping on acupuncture points to cleanse and balance the energy.

Some details on the process:

More complicated issues often have a number of different “aspects” to them. For instance, we may be sad and angry and hurt about the break up of a relationship, and each one of these parts of our emotional upset will need to be balanced in turn. Each aspect typically has a slightly different feel or emotional tone, so a person can usually tell when another has arisen. The treatment is to simply persist until all the relevant aspects have been released.

When working with long standing patterns, a person may find that more aspects show up over the course of the day or week. Some people can tell that a different aspect of the issue is up, but it may just seem like the issue is stubbornly persisting. The treatment for this is to follow a regular schedule of treating the issue several times a day for a week or so. Profoundly rooted patterns (such as addictions) or beliefs may take as long as a month to completely dispel.

EFT in the Context of Psychological Development
These techniques work on releasing excess emotional charge and freeing up our potential. But in many cases this is only part of the benefits that therapy can offer. Good therapy of any style helps a person release emotional blocks and learn more effective ways of living. EFT can greatly accelerate the first part, but other approaches are necessary for learning new patterns. As an example, these techniques will rid you of a phobia of water, but you still need to learn how to swim. In some situations, of course, simply releasing the blocks is all that is required. However, types of skill areas that may benefit from therapeutic assistance include:

  • Creating and maintaining intimacy with self and others
Setting and maintaining appropriate boundaries
  • Taking care of our wants and needs
Assessing others clearly
Expressing emotion moderately

In many cases the most effective way to work on these skills is to join a group for which this is the specific focus. If you are ready to do this kind of thorough work on yourself, please talk to me.

The EFT process in brief:
1)The setup: Repeat this affirmation 3x while rubbing the sore spots in your ribs on the upper chest:”I deeply love and accept myself even though I have this _______ (problem).”

2) The sequence: Tap about 7x on each point keeping your attention on the issue.

  • Eye brows at the bridge of the nose.
  • Corner of the eyes on the bone.
  • Under the eyes on the bone of the cheek.
  • Under the nose on the midline.
  • Under the lower lip on the midline.
  • Under the collar bones at the sternum.
  • In the ribs four finger thicknesses under the arm pits.

Repeat this as necessary until the issue is down to a zero. In subsequent rounds adjust the initial affirmation for the remaining problem or any new aspect of the problem.

Join the thousands of people across the world who have benefited from EFT. Contact me now for a personalized session!

And remember! For simple cuts we use a band aid, for a more serious one, we see a doctor for stitches; for a simple problem, use EFT by yourself, for a more serious or complex one, work with me!