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Transforming Your Inner Critic Into An Inner Coach

This is a practical workbook to help you transform your inner negativity into self-compassion.  Written in a casual and approachable style, the author presents this topic thoroughly, with humor and personal vignettes.  The workbook is filled with exercises to allow the reader to reflect on the ideas and to systematically build new skills.

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The full Swimming Dragon qigong set includes breathing practices that contribute to spinal strength and flexibility.  Regular practice will reduce back pain while improving your flexibility, breathing, and overall health and emotional well-being.

This PDF includes the written description of the movements, links to 18 unlisted videos and an audio guided seated meditation process.  

Holistic Energy Workout with Nando Raynolds

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The Holistic Energy Workout
A 45 minute program that combines the best of the ancient arts of Yoga, Qigong and modern Energy Medicine. These exercises will help you build flexibility, coordination and balance while reducing stress and improving health. Once you know them, many can stand on their own as quick self-help to keep you centered through your day. VHS or DVD
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Introductory T'ai Chi with Nando RaynoldsIntroductory T’ai Chi
This program covers the material you would learn in the first three to four months of T’ai Chi classes. It covers warmups, stretches, balance drills, qigongs and the first third of Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s Yang style T’ai Chi form. Front and back views with clear narration. VHS or DVD.
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The Push Hands Workbook with Nando RaynoldsThe Push Hands Workbook
Finally a step by step guide to push hands in clear English! This workbook presents sequential skill building drills in 150 pages with more than 100 photos. Designed for the beginner and intermediate student, instructors can use the text as a curriculum guide for push hands classes.
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