Pyschosynthesis and parts work

These approaches, including Psychosynthesis, Voice Dialogue and Internal Family Systems, are based on looking at the human psyche as being composed of parts. From this perspective, much of the task of therapy is to facilitate developing a witnessing and decision making part.

If you think of yourself as having an inner team, we want to develop a team captain. This part has two jobs:
1) to make sure that each team member is respected and heard 
2) to make leadership decisions about how to proceed based on an overview of the perspectives of each of the team members.
 Most people do not have their witness/leader well developed and hence make decisions from the part or sub-personality that has the ball or is loudest at the time.

This theoretical approach goes back to Freud’s Id, Ego and Superego, and has been modified by new proponents over the years.

One of the easy ways to use this model is to allow yourself to have many different perspectives at once. Listening to all of them, for instance, it makes sense to talk about what % of you feels or thinks a certain way.
This kind of complexity allows an honesty not available in normal communication, which presupposes that people only think or feel one way about a given thing. Making this simple semantic change can have a tremendous impact on your relationship with others as well as with yourself.
This understanding of the human being is fundamental to all the work I do. Read more about sub-personalities in my blog.

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