The Holistic Energy Workout





Relax! Breathe deeply! Take some time for yourself with this great program on DVD.

Enjoy a synthesis of ancient practices from Chi Kung, T’ai Chi and Yoga with cutting edge modern Energy Psychology.

Unlike most exercise programs which present techniques from only one field, this is a powerful synthesis of ancient practices from Chi Kung, T’ai Chi, Yoga, modern Energy Medicine and other healing modalities. It’s a progressive, holistic and logical program that systematically tunes your body, emotions, mind and spirit. Many of the exercises can stand alone or you can do the whole sequence in just 45 minutes.

If you’re a newcomer to these kinds of practices, you’re in for a pleasant surprise, because this program is chock full of simple, easy to learn exercises that have the power to transform your life!

You’ll learn a wealth of easy but powerful exercises in an enjoyable sequence covering:

  • Warm-ups
  • Range of motion drills
  • Stretches
  • Balance drills
  • Chi Kung & Applied Kinesiology
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Energy Psychology clearings
  • Meditation


Take care of yourself!

As we age, exercise is more, not less important. Did you know that studies have shown that exercise can reduce the likelihood of falls by increasing balance, flexibility, strength, and focus? Eastern exercises such as Tai Chi can be especially effective in providing these benefits.

Now you can achieve new levels of energy, focus, flexibility, balance, and peacefulness with regular practice and the guidance provided by master instructor Nando Raynolds in his unique Holistic Energy Workout exercise DVD. Nando has selected a series of very different exercises to give you a new sense of confidence in your body and awareness of your surroundings.

Benefits of this workout:

  1. Focus on flexibility, balance, and muscle tone
  2. Feel alive, energetic, healthy, and alert
  3. Avoid injury with easy to follow routines
  4. Be more creative and productive
  5. Feel better about yourself and your world

Obtain the Best of Eastern Exercise and Meditative Arts in a Single DVD.

Nando has selected the most effective and useful elements from the leading eastern arts and distilled them into a single set of exercises that make them available to all. A master instructor, Nando has practiced and studied for more than twenty years, and has now brought that experience and expertise to the public in this achievement of a unified, integrated approach to greater physical, mental, and spiritual health.

After years of working with students, Nando has defined a series of exercises that can be accomplished by all ages and by all levels of ability. If you are a novice, Nando will guide you on a path of discovery and exploration across many disciplines. If you are an advanced practitioner of a single discipline, Nando will open the joy of discovery of integrated practice of several disciplines. A single DVD integrating the best for all.

Feel Alive, Energetic, Healthy, and Alert!

With regular practice and guidance, you can achieve new levels of energy, focus, flexibility, balance and peacefulness. Nando is your guide as he leads you through a series of very different exercises that give you a new sense of confidence in your body and awareness of your surroundings. Nando makes this workout available to all levels of ability. Regardless of your age and condition, you will find a new experience that will take you further toward your goals of health and physical well being as well as mental alertness and increased focus.

Exercise is critical to all, and Nando wants everyone to be able to avail themselves of the benefits of a healthy, active body and mind. Regardless of age and past exercise habits, you can now begin to achieve a better life though the regular practice of guided exercise. This is not a miracle cure to move the inactive to the level of proficient body builder but rather a gradual awakening of your body and mind to the joy and fulfillment of activity.

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Avoid Injury!

Nando’s workout helps you achieve both greater balance and flexibility. These are key elements in avoiding injury due to falls and strain such as in lifting. Falls and strain related injuries are a major health concern for all and are particularly significant for those of us who are aging.

  • Falls in the United States account for such injuries as broken bones – especially hips, injured backs, sprains, joint problems, etc.
  • Each year falls are the leading cause of unintentional death among people 65 and older, approaching 11,000 deaths a year. Falls are the third leading cause of death for all ages, totaling 18,822 in 2005.
  • There were 1.8 million emergency room visits and more than 420,000 hospital admissions of adults 65 years old and older as a result of falls according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

By increasing your balance, flexibility, and focus you can reduce the likelihood of being injured. Your increased balance will help you avoid falls as well as assist you in being more aware of your physical condition. Nando’s workout combines the wisdom of centuries of Eastern exercise (including Tai Chi. Qigong and Yoga) and meditative practice from several disciplines into a unified set of exercises and makes them available to all.

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Be More Creative and Productive!

You can be more productive when you are more focused, and mentally alert. This workout regimen will sharpen your focus, stimulate your body and your mind, making you better able to be creative, and productive. Nando shows you how focusing your mind through exercise not only tones and tunes your body, but also prepares your mind for the daily mental tasks demanded by our intense and dynamic lives. Exercise sharpens our senses and allows our mind to be more engaged and focused on whatever tasks our work demands of us. This focus is like discovering a new self, a self that can achieve more in less time. This new alertness and focus is like that achieved by the mind when we are “in flow” or in the “zone”. In this state, we are able to deliver opeak performance even under the pressure of a critical situation.

Perhaps you have been in an emergency situation where suddenly your mind becomes so focused that everything seems to slow down, your attention and energy rises, and you can achieve things that you would not have thought possible in normal daily life. In a similar fashion, but with lower intensity, your mind can be tuned through exercise to become more focused during normal daily activity allowing you to achieve more and to also be more peaceful and satisfied with the experience (process) and product of your work.

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Feel Better About Yourself and Your World!  Exercise has been shown to be a critical element in maintaining mental health. Your increased energy level as well as your heightened spiritual awareness will enhance your life and give you a greater sense of well-being.

An important part of this is building a resilient emotional outlook of optimism that allows you to approach life’s challenges as opportunities rather than setbacks. This program will give you concrete tools for strengthening your positive attitude and recapturing it when you are off track.

All exercise routines provide the greatest benefit when they are practiced on a regular basis. By working slowly and consistently at these exercises and following Nando on a daily basis you will begin to benefit in ways you cannot imagine.

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What others are saying

—– “This DVD transmits a peaceful presence and clear instruction to energy practices that promote balance, strength, and tranquility.”—–

—–“Nando’s mastery of these techniques is clearly and simply revealed so that everyone who watches and practices with him will be certain to feel a wonderful difference.” ——

——“This DVD is a valuable introduction to the gifts that Nando brings to everyone who is taught by him.”—–

——“Not only did I experience a profound integration of Chi Kung. T’ai Chi and Yoga, I was the delighted recipient on Nando’s wisdom and grace.” ——

—– “Thanks Nando for sharing this series of highly beneficial exercises” —–

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Disclaimer: Any exercise program should be undertaken only after consultation with a physician and then only with care not to exceed ones ability level. Exercise should be practiced on a regular basis, with a gradual increase in level of intensity. If you suffer from any condition which impairs your balance, or limits your range of motion you should not engage in any physical activity that places you in an unsafe position or condition.