Personal Transformation: Allowing the old ways of the caterpillar to dissolve.

In Personal Transformation, you go from being a caterpillar to become the butterfly you can be.

Finally free to spread your wings and reach for the sky!

Transformative change requires upgrading your values, belief systems, your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You will likely have to learn new things and take risks.

If you are one of those courageous enough to create an unusually rewarding life, read on!


One of the transformative shifts you might be ready for is the one from Doing to Being.

Most of us have been raised to focus on our Doing – what is your contribution? What are you creating, achieving, earning? This is a great skill set and so important for getting by in our modern world.

But in terms of life satisfaction and joy, it’s only part of the picture.


The other side of the coin is Being, experiencing the world through your five senses in the present moment. Some people might put this down as hedonistic, and indeed, Being can be delightful. And in a balanced life, this delight enhances your health and immune system strength while charging your batteries to allow you to be even more effective when you choose to do something.

Rest, activity, and rest are natural sequences. Often, however, people are not going to their deepest source to rest.

Instead of opening to the very profound experiences of Being, many people accept poor substitutes such as stimulating experiences and entertainments.

Like junk food, these can leave them tired, depressed, and uninspired.

The most nourishing experiences of Being are also the most profound. They may be your peak experiences, but it’s possible to make these more accessible and part of your ordinary life. And no, entheogens and decades of spiritual practice are not required.

If you’re one who recognizes the value of learning even if it requires persistence and attention to detail, profoundly rewarding states of being are available. It is no harder than learning a musical instrument. This isn’t about taking a pill or having a flash of life-changing insight, it is about doing the steady practice required to transform from caterpillar to butterfly.


Perhaps you can allow yourself to take a break right now. To allow yourself to truly rest for a few minutes. If so, try this simple experiment:

Put your body in balance so that you can rest quietly, sitting, standing, laying down. Inhale and exhale through your nose. Touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue. Make the contact as light as you can while still feeling it – just a spark of sensation. Allow yourself to become totally focused on making the contact as subtle as possible. Feel and relax your tongue and mouth as you do this for a few minutes.

Stop when you get restless.

Becoming comfortable with Being, and resting from ceaseless Doing, requires clearing space and attention in your life to Be. Transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly requires that the caterpillar be willing to dissolve (literally). Ego dissolves when you deeply rest in the space of Being.

How do you rest in Being? What are your thoughts on this? Comment below!


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