Moving Into De-Light: Online Somatic Meditation and Breathwork Class


Special classes during the pandemic – Fridays 9-10 AM PDT

Zoom link:

0-$20 per class drop in, $40/ month for 2 classes a week,  $80/month unlimited

Breath is the foundation of relaxed movement and of your overall vitality.  Deliberate breathing is the fastest way to improve your experience in the moment. it is also essential to spinal health and relaxation.  Join us to improve your breathing and learn ways to use your breath to regulate your energy and your state of consciousness.
Why online? I teach these classes on the Zoom platform.  It allows you to see live video of me and other participants.  We can all hear one another and it is also possible to break the class into smaller groups to do live exercises with one another.  You can also keep your sound and video feed off if you prefer.  Zoom allows me to present material, have a group discussion about it, and break into groups to do exercises based upon the material.  It is almost as good as being in the same room, but we can be in our own homes across the planet!

Classes start with physical stretching, includes breathing exercises focused on maximizing volume, breath length and breath holding.  Learn the physiology of breathing, and the effects of hyperventilation and breath holding (intermittent
hypoxia).  Classes conclude with quiet sitting and standing meditations focused on the breath.

Saturday 9-10 AM PDT, $0-$20.  

Call, text or email me today to sign up!

 541-821 -6623

Don’t want to do a weekly class?  Then this PDF with a written description, 18 short videos and a audio guided meditation might be a better fit for you.  

It’s only $20!

Check it out!