Self-Compassion Coaching

Welcome to Self-Compassion Coaching with Nando Raynolds! 

The way you treat yourself creates the foundation of your enjoyment of life.  Most people have deeply ingrained habits of treating themselves with impatience and harshness.  If I could help you treat yourself kindly almost all the time, what would that be worth to you?

Almost everyone can benefit from the support of a coach from time to time, but most people hesitate to reach out for assistance.  As I have learned in my more than 30 years of counseling and teaching, all star performers, in whatever field, have coaches. Treating yourself with patience and compassion is a skill, and you will improve through focused coaching on this skill.

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The coaching relationship is designed to help you achieve concrete goals, which often includes learning new skills and changing outmoded beliefs.  Your goals may be around any aspect of your life, but ultimately they are a reflection of your Vision for your life, your Mission and your Core Values.

Your goals arise from these, and the “progressive realization of worthwhile goals” is a great working definition of success.  Your goals are both internal, emotional states; and external concrete skills, habits, activities, relationships and objects that you think will lead to creation of these emotional states.  In order to achieve them, you need to identify your internal and your external goals.  Then you need to break these goals down into do-able chunks.

As a coach, my job is to help you clarify and specify your Vision, Mission and Values, your emotional and concrete goals, and help you design an action plan for achieving them.  Once we have the plan, my job becomes one of supporting you in following through.  I may provide emotional support and encouragement, hold you accountable for the commitments you make to yourself and/or keep you on track and help you persist.  As we go, I’ll help you work through any issues that undermine your progress.

Self-compassion is the core skill allowing a courageous and effective life in all areas.  The stronger your foundation of self-compassion, the more effectively you manage your vitality and this will naturally lead to more significant achievement.  Oh, and by the way, it will also lead to greater life satisfaction and Joy!

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