About Life Coaching

The coaching relationship is designed to help you achieve your goals.  ” Progressive realization of worthwhile goals” is a good definition of success, wouldn’t you agree?  Your goals are both internal, emotional states, and external, concrete things and activities that you think will lead to creation of those states.  If you want support in becoming more successful in achieving both your internal, emotional  goals and external milestones, contact me today!

I specialize in:

  1. Helping women become even more empowered and effective
  2. Transforming your inner critic into an inner coach and building self-compassion
  3. Aligning your lifestyle with your core values
  4. Developing conflict resolution skills
  5. Clearing your relationship with your past

Often in the first portion of our coaching relationship I help you get really clear about your goals.  It is much easier to get someplace when you know exactly where you want to go!

Goals may be around any aspect of your life, but ultimately they are a reflection of your Vision of your life, your Mission and your Values. From these arise your goals, both internal and external.  So you can reliably achieve them, we break them down into do-able chunks and create realistic, step-by-step plans.  It will amaze you what becomes possible when you take this kind of persistent and methodical approach to improving your life!

As your coach, I will help you become even more awesome by helping you:

1) clarify and specify your vision, mission and values.
2) define your internal and external goals.
3) create manageable steps to achieving your goals.

I will give you the emotional support and encouragement you need to stay on track and persist.  I’ll hold you accountable for any commitments you make to yourself and help you work through any issues that keep you stuck.

As a client, your job is to:

1) work on self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.
2) learn, grow, explore and play with options.
3) put the work in to keep the commitments you make to yourself.
4) be honest and open.
5) let me know what is working and what is not in our relationship and demand that you get what you need.                                                                                                         

I recommend that we meet weekly at first to establish a working relationship and to build momentum. I prefer face to face meetings, but coaching can be done over skype or the phone. Often we will use email, text, or brief phone contact to stay in touch on your progress.  Once we have a strong working relationship and are both confident in the momentum, coaching should taper to less frequent and shorter meetings.

I offer a free initial consultation and a number of coaching packages.

Let’s talk about how coaching can help you!  Contact me or call today and let’s get started!  541-821-6623