JumpStart! team building

Team Building
with an
 Adrenalin Spike!
For groups, businesses and organizations.

We offer you adventure and activity based training tailored to your team’s needs. Whether you choose a training organized around the Challenge Course, a river trip or in your own meeting area, Jumpstart will provide you with a dynamic and powerful learning experience.

• Built around the experience of being part of a high performance team • Combines instruction with potent experiential learning
• Utilizes active participation and powerful shared experience
• Clarifies vision and goals
• Creates commitment to ACTION!

Energize your group!
Jump Start a new team: integrate members swiftly!
Jump Start an established team: Infuse an existing group with renewed enthusiasm and focus!

One of our outdoor classrooms is the EarthTeach challenge course, ten miles outside Ashland, Oregon. Aerial and ground level challenges provide an opportunity to practice new skills, take manageable risks and overcome self-limiting ideas. Certified facilitators handle the logistics of the course- their focus is your safety and enjoyment of the process. Outdoor activities are structured to accommodate all levels of physical ability. There is no pressure to perform; what a person invests in this process determines his or her yield!

Contact me today to plan a JumpStart process tailored for you and your group!