T’ai Chi Chuan and Qigong – Suggested course of study and certification

The study of T’ai Chi Chuan typically does not include belts and levels as is often found in other martial arts. However, in order to organize the curriculum I offer, I’ve defined several levels of certification. I encourage you to use these levels to help set your goals for learning T’ai Chi. The tests that mark each level of certification are designed to accurately test your knowledge of the form and T’ai Chi principles in order to give you and me the assurance that each level of material is understood. Certification for a given level requires the student to publicly demonstrate proficiency in the required material. Certification is by request.

Level 1:
First third of the Yang Style short form.
Benefits: Improvements in balance and coordination are often profound, changes in sensitivity and awareness (with respect to self and others) are also typical.
Recommended course of study: 12 group class hours, 2 1/2 hr private classes, 5-10 minutes a day of solo practice

Level 2:
Balance of the Form.
Silk cocoon & Swimming dragon
Standing meditation
Benefits: Balance and coordination improvements are generalized into the rest of one’s life, improvements in physical and psychological flexibility, developing sense of calm and ability to flow with life more easily, deepening understanding of relaxation and use of minimal force.
Recommended course of study: 18 group class hours, 3 1/2hr private classes, 10-15 minutes a day of solo practice

$10/group class
$40/hr private classes