Hakomi is a therapeutic system based on creating safety for the client to explore his or her thoughts and feelings as they unfold naturally. Typically, as we establish safety, previously protected or hidden thoughts and feeling begin to arise. In Hakomi, the client is encouraged to practice sensitive self-awareness or “mindfulness”. The therapist helps to create a safe environment and offers suggestions or experiments to help the client deepen into his or her experience and discover hidden truths about themselves.

Often as a person discovers these implicit truths about themselves and their beliefs about others and the universe, pent up emotion is also released. This contributes to the person feeling freed up to see things differently and to make different choices in the future.

I did extensive post graduate training in Hakomi with founder Ron Kurtz, and with Jon Eiseman and Pat Ogden.
Hakomi is particularily good for helping to uncover deeper aspects of belief and feeling and also in developing a fundamental faith in one’s unfolding healing.

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