Group Counseling, Classes & Workshops

Group therapy is a wonderful way to explore the dynamics of relationship in a supportive atmosphere. It’s also an economical alternative to one-on-one psychotherapy. Group members typically have the opportunity to explore and work on personal issues while at the same time benefiting from the experiences brought in by others. At the same time, a group offers the opportunity to build honest and supportive relationships, and to practice the interpersonal skills necessary to build the same kinds of relationships outside the group.
Over the years I have facilitated men’s groups, women’s groups and groups focused on topics such as self- esteem, creating intimacy and using energy psychology.

I also teach classes on a range of personal growth issues. Over the years I’ve taught classes on topics ranging from self-esteem, inner child work, communication and stress management. Over the past several years I’ve been teaching classes with Maria Connolly in our Life in Balance program.

My classes and groups typically meet once a week for two hours and the fee ranges from $15-$35 per meeting.
I also offer much of this material in the more condensed form of weekend workshops and retreats.

If you think these may be for you, please contact me now to check on my current offerings and to discuss it.