Current Class Schedule

All classes are online on Zoom which allows interaction among us all.  All classes are available to all levels.  Classes cover Qigong (which will enhance the functioning of your immune system), T’ai Chi drills and somatic based mindfulness. and breathwork.

T 9-10 AM Mindful Movement: Qigong and Stretching Th 9-10AM Breathwork and Mindfulness

All times are Pacific time.  I offer these classes through OLLI 16 weeks a year and privately otherwise.  Please contact me to make sure you have the most current information.  Tuition is typically $10/class.

Throughout the year, I teach private classes in T’ai Chi which are $30 for 30 minutes.  Students generally begin by learning the basics with me solo or in pairs and then later join a group class.

I teach qigong, and a variety of Yang Style T’ai Chi forms including saber, sword and two person practices.  (My workbook on two person T’ai Chi practices, The Push Hands Workbook has been the bestseller in this category on Amazon for several years.)  Give me a call at 541-821-6623 and we can discuss your goals and see if T’ai Chi is for you.