Counseling for Adults

Adults seek counseling for many reasons, ranging from emotional upsets, difficult present events or painful histories, to issues around relationships or work. Sometimes the presenting concern might be a particular habitual behavior one wants to change or new behaviors one wants to cultivate.

Most of us, from time to time could use the comfort of a caring ear, companionship in exploring a challenging issue, or support in making changes in our lives. Fifty years ago, only the truly disturbed (or the rich!) sought counseling, and for some people there is still a stigma associated with “needing help”.

There is nothing shameful about wanting the skill and experience of another in helping you resolve a painful situation quickly. I am a specialist in the area of self-understanding, communication, and effective change. Just as you might seek assistance from a specialist in any other field to accomplish a job faster and more skillfully, I welcome you to bring your personal problems to me.

Together, we will make rapid progress on them in a way that is personally tailored to your needs and preferences.

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