Contact Improvisation Dance Classes

Contact Improvisation is a dance form developed by Steve Paxton in the 1970s.  It utilizes the physical laws of gravity, momentum, inertia and friction to explore the relationship between dancers.  Dancers use touch, sharing weight, and listening and responding to movement impulses and physical forces to improvise movement together. Dancers have equal involvement in creating the dance and are responsible for their own safety.

I find this form deeply moving on many levels.  Because of the use of touch and shared weight it can be quite emotionally evocative.  Often danced in pairs, it is an amazing vehicle for studying details of relationship and the dynamics of power and consent.  The trust (and thus risk taking) that is developed quite early in the practice of this form can be transformative.

Modern humans are also starved for touch and Contact Improvisation (CI) is a great container for non-sexual (but kind and affectionate) touch and the exchange of weight and pressure in safety.

CI brings together many of my interests: psychotherapy, relationship issues, martial arts, qigong, somatic, bodywork, breath work, mindfulness and meditation.

It can also be great exercise!

I teach group classes around the country and do private sessions that integrate skill development with personal breakthroughs.

See my YouTube playlist of short instructional pieces on CI.

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