Transforming Your Inner Critic Into An Inner Coach




Transforming You Inner Critic Into An Inner Coach is a practical workbook to help you transform your inner negativity into self-compassion. Written in a casual and approachable style, the author presents this topic thoroughly, with humor and personal vignettes. The workbook is filled with exercises to allow the reader to reflect on the ideas and to systematically build new skills.

Your relationship with yourself is a habit built through a lot of repetition. Changing that habit to become more self-compassionate will take effort and practice, but it is so worthwhile!

The book takes you through the roots of the Inner Critic and the process involved in changing this old habit into the more effective strategy of the self-compassionate Inner Coach. Those who go through this process will not only feel better in their lives, they will be more effective in their endeavors and will naturally come to treat others with greater compassion as well. The reader will learn eight different tools for managing emotional upset, which is so important when working with this painful material. The author provides plenty of suggestions for applying these skills in daily life and the reader is guided to create their own patterns for self-motivation, self-correction, and goal setting that are inspiring and kind.

What others are saying:

Illustrating through personal examples, Nando moves us beyond the limits of our Inner Critic who would hold us captive. His explicit exercises provide ways to identify, love, and accept all parts of ourselves while discovering compassionate ways to motivate us towards growing into the person we wish to become.

Whether you aim to tame your inner critical voice, find new ways to expand your vision, or maintain a higher level of motivation, this workbook will put you on the path and keep you moving in a focused and productive direction! – John M. Gram, Psy.D.

How do you stay true to yourself and to what’s important to you while navigating fear and doubt as you move through life? Nando Raynolds reveals to us the secret in his book with clarity, precision, and authority. This workbook is truly a gem! Not only the concepts are easy to understand and relate to, but the workbook is packed-full of new ideas, tools and skills. You can flip open any page and try something new. Anyone with the discipline to follow the author’s sensible approach from start to finish will see significant results. – Maria Connolly, Licensed Professional Counselor, Somatic Coach & Trainer

Transforming Your Inner Critic gives the reader hands on tools, not only for understanding, but also for putting into action the work necessary to turn a negative mindset into positive life experiences. This allows for moving forward to a level of personal and spiritual growth you may never have thought possible. – Jami Lynn Sands – Writer, Editor

Nando, I spent enough time with your book to clearly appreciate just how much thought, expertise, experience, energy, love, and care you infused into it. I was quite blown away by how complete it is: this thing will take anyone on a healing ride if they are willing to play. It feels like a deep dive.

I send to you huge congratulations along with great respect for what you have done here. Truly! I hope that it finds its way into many, many people’s hands. I also hope that it serves you well in relationship to your overall practice and teaching mission.
-Tej Steiner, founder of Heart Circle and author of Waking Up With Everyone Around Us.

About Nando

Nando Raynolds has been a psychotherapist in private practice since 1988. He has helped hundreds of people manage their internal negativity with mindfulness and compassion. Since 2011 he has taught NLP and Life Coaching and now works as a life coach with a focus on helping people through the process described in the book. In addition he has practiced martial arts since 1978, including T’ai Chi, Karate and Kenpo and has also practiced and taught massage. He lives in Southern Oregon.

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