Life Coaching For Heirs

Inheriting money is rarely simple.


The coaching process will help you create the lifestyle you want based on a stable financial plan consistent with your core values.

You are worth the investment! 


Why would I want a Life Coach?

Perhaps your inheritance has come from the death of a loved one – anyone would have mixed feelings about this.  Or perhaps there are layers of financial complexity that go with the inheritance, or generations of expectations.  As an heir, you are in a unique situation and could benefit from the support of an experienced Coach who can help you work through the challenges of your situation.

At times, life is challenging for everyone.  Then it can be tremendously helpful to have the support, direction and encouragement of an experienced coach.  A coach helps you define your life goals and stay positive and energetic as you focus on achieving them.  Most high performers have a coach – do you?

Life Coaching is like coaching in sports – the coach coaches – you do the work and earn the medals!

How could a Life Coach benefit me?

The general public will continue think, “Oh, you are facing challenges with your inheritance?  You poor dear, I wish I had your problems!”  or “What did you do to deserve this?” or even, “How can I get my hands on some of that?”

It is invaluable to be able to talk freely with someone who understands your situation and supports you in achieving your goals.  

I will help you systematically tackle the issues you want to face in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust.  Together, we will address the common problems inheritors encounter and build the skills and resources you need to manage them:

  • Grief over the loss of a loved one.
  • Complex financial, legal and taxation issues.
  • Family entanglements and tensions related to the estate.
  • Hidden family expectations and patterns of how to be with wealth.
  • Personal freedom and existential questions of meaning and purpose.
  • Political and ethical questions that go with “why me?”, deserving and
  • Challenges with self-motivation and time and energy management.
  • Confidentiality and social self-protection.

Life Coaching for Heirs will help you face the challenges of your life in a methodical and efficient way, making you stronger and happier.

The Life Coaching for Heirs program:

I started Life Coaching for Heirs to help those in my situation work through the challenges of inheritance and free them to have more fulfilling and productive lives.  As an heir myself, I have used my inheritance to create a solid financial foundation allowing me to freely pursue my personal and professional interests.  Since I am financially independent myself, as a client you can relax about my financial motives for working with you.   We make sure that I have no financial stake in your decisions.


I offer several coaching packages which include one-on-one coaching in person, video conferencing or phone, and email or text support between contacts.

If you think this might be for you, give me a call or text at 541-821-6623, or drop me an email.  There is no obligation, this would just be a chance to talk about how you might benefit from coaching.

Your best investment is in yourself!