Building Self-Esteem

Low Self-Esteem is a cause of great pain for many people. Most people have an “inner critic” who judges their errors harshly and is self punishing. When one has low self- esteem, the inner criticism is mistaken for the truth. For most people, low self-esteem has its roots in a painful childhood marked by verbal, physical or sexual abuse. Some people have also had experiences as adults that have made the situation worse. 

These symptoms are best resolved through energy psychology and transforming the inner critic into an inner coach.
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Why suffer with low self- esteem when you can feel better? Realistic self-esteem is based upon your own evaluation of your past behavior. To have higher self-esteem, you will have to assess your own behavior positively – you will have to be proud of your intention and performance. This may entail updating your criteria and improving your behavior.

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