Welcome! I help people become outstanding!

Resources for a more successful life.

At times it can be so helpful to receive kind and skillful assistance.

Are you ready to change how you think, feel and behave? My clients put in the effort that lasting change and growth requires. They’re excited about becoming more courageous, free, engaged and joyous! They want to be fully present with themselves and work through their issues to become more alive and in the moment. Generally contributing to the world and the lives of others is important to them.
I like people and delight in helping my clients have more joyful lives. This is my way of making the world a kinder, more loving place.
Based on a foundation of feeling respected and understood, we’ll choose the tools and approaches that are best for you. Energy psychology, NLP, Hakomi and Somatics can help you make rapid changes. My goal is help you feel better fast while building your self-understanding and skills.  Lasting personal growth requires persistent, deliberate effort. If you would like to join the many people I’ve worked with who are feeling better, contact me today!

I work with adults and couples; with women who want to become more empowered and free, and heal their relationship with the Masculine; with men who want to increase their emotional skills and are willing to put the effort in this requires; and couples who are not satisfied with an average relationship. I offer you concrete tools and cutting edge approaches within a timeless context of care and attention. My work is grounded in the body – this is not your ordinary talk therapy and is not for everyone.

You may be looking for help around emotions and moods, a difficult history, troubling behaviors, life choices, or relationships – I offer you a compassionate place to explore the details of your challenges and the tools for changing and managing them.

This website has resources that can help you with these issues and more!

My mission is to help you develop skills for change and to accept yourself and life fully. Doing this work is my way of making the world a kinder, more loving place. I like people and delight in helping my clients have more joyful lives.

I offer my services from two primary professional stances:

Trainer, Psychotherapist and Life Coach
T’ai Chi and Qigong Instructor.

I offer professional level certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching with Maria Connolly. We have included our Life in Balance: The 7 Keys program in the life coaching training. visit our website to learn more.

From November 2011 – June 2017 I served as Clinical Director of the Community Counseling Center of Ashland (which offers affordable counseling services) and have my office there at 600 Siskiyou Blvd in Ashland.

Check out the free articles and downloads on this site. And my youtube videos or blog posts. Then take the next step when you’re ready to go further and contact me or purchase one of my DVDs. Call me today at (541) 821-6623!

Wishing you a vibrant and joyous life!